Bathroom Lighting: Quick fix to update a dated bathroom vanity light

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I needed a quick inexpensive way to update a very dated bathroom lighting fixture in a bathroom without replacing it. Adding to the challenge was the fact that the fixture wasn’t centered over the vanity. My solution was to make a cover to hide the existing fixture – it cost less than $15 to make, and I didn’t have to use any power tools!

Here’s some of the things I used to make the light cover:

Light Diffuser:

Plexiglass (Acrylic) sheet for diffuser (11”x14” ⅛” thick):

Mod Podge:

Cover paint finish:

Chalk paint (sheepskin) 

Wood tint 

White wax


  1. Jolene King

    I’m up against a timeline on a renovation and my carpenter is almost a “no show” everyday. He said he could do lighting, flooring, Sheetrock…..I’m not impressed. I realized today my vanity light is not going to be “on center” and rather than wait to move the box which would take forever. I’m going to try this first! Thanks for being my problem solver!

    • Isabelle

      Happy to hear my project was helpful for you!


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