Kitchen Posts

Small kitchen ideas: open-shelving mini makeover

One of my most pinned projects is the tension rod trick I used in my kitchen to hang things above the sink - it’s a great way to keep things off the counter.  Another thing I did that totally upgraded my kitchen is to add under-cabinet lighting - it’s so much...

Kitchen upgrade and more with under-cabinet lights

Thank you to Parmida LED for sponsoring this video! Here's the link to the ultra-thin under-cabinet lights I used in the kitchen mini-makeover, my entryway and my home office update:

Engineer Your “Vertical” Space: tiny kitchen storage idea

Loving to cook and having a tiny kitchen can sometimes seem like 2 things that don't go together, but there's ways to make every single cubic inch of that small kitchen work harder for you. Here's the perfect example - my friend and her boyfriend love to cook and they...

Quick, Easy & renter-friendly Kitchen upgrades

When I moved into my LA rental apartment 6 years ago, the kitchen was one of the first rooms to get the “Engineer Your Space” treatment. People often ask me what that means, to EYS and