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How to make a Squirrel Picnic Table

Looking for a fun DIY project to start building your skills? Try out making this DIY picnic table for squirrels. You can enjoy the building and learning process while not stressing out about things being perfect - the squirrels will not mind any imperfections.  Or if...

Balcony makeover: Creating a tiny garden for outdoor living

In this video, my LA rental apartment balcony is getting a partial makeover: I'm adding a tiny garden! You'll see how I clean my balcony, how I built 3 different types of planters and my successful attempt at attracting hummingbirds visitors. I hope that this makeover...

Simple DIY chair perfect for outdoor living

I built this outdoor chair right on the dining room table of my small apartment, using just a few hand tools – if I can do it, so can you!

Here’s a list of all the tools and materials I used to build this chair below:

DIY LA balcony makeover

My LA balcony is getting a new look! This makeover is full of small balcony ideas you can use, especially if you live in a rental apartment and can’t make any holes in the walls. I’m in love with the