DIY Double Hang Closet Rod

DIY, Organization, Storage

One of the easiest ways to instantly double your hanging space in a closet is to add a double hang closet rod. You can buy one from the store but making a DIY version gives you the option to easily customize the height/length to fit your closet, plus it’s inexpensive, quick and fun to make your own!

You can get everything you need at the hardware store: 1 hardwood dowel (1 1/4” diameter),  4-8 eye screws (2 for the rod, and the rest for the purses), chain (2 lengths of ~ 3.5 ft long), 4 chain links, s-hooks (for the purses)

Step 1: Cut the dowel to the length that you need (you can have it cut at the hardware store or use a miter box and saw)

Step 2: Drill pilot holes and put in eye screws at each end of the dowel (these will be used to hang the dowel). If you don’t have a drill, you can use a nail and a hammer to make a pilot hole. Repeat for the eye screws that will be used for the purses, on the opposite side of the dowel.

Step 3: Attach the 2 chain lengths to the top closet rod using the chain links

Step 4: Attach the chain to the eye screws on the dowel using the chain links – adjust the length as desired.

Step 5: To store your purses, use s-hooks and to store long boots, use pant or skirt hangers (to protect soft leather, pad the clips with foam or cardboard).

The addition of this double hang rod has made a huge difference in how organized my closet is – now I can quickly get to everything I need everyday and I especially love how my boots no longer flop to the side in a big pile on the floor!



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