DIY room divider sofa bed combo

DIY, Furniture

This quirky school bus conversion out in beautiful Joshua Tree is definitely one of the most unique projects I’ve worked on and my DIY sofa that also doubles as a bed and room divider is definitely one of a kind as well. It was so much fun to build and even though it was made for a bus, it could also work great in a studio apartment to help divide up the space. This is also a very affordable project: the cost, including the seat cushion foam, was $220 and here’s a list of the materials that were used:

Wood filler

¼” plywood

high density foam foam


Varathane wood stain (color: kona)

9 x 2”x4”s

2 x 4’x8’ 1/2 inch plywood

Spray Adhesive

Staple gun

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