DIY upholstered wood filing cabinet

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Instead of using paint to jazz up a plain wood filing cabinet, why not use upholstery techniques to cover it with fabric or even wallpaper. I upholstered a wood IKEA filing cabinet with faux animal skin wallpaper (feels more like fabric than wallpaper), using nothing more than Mod Podge, Weldbond glue, a staple gun and some cardboard. The piping/welt comes pre-made at the fabric store, so no sewing required. No doubt this is more challenging than simply painting but the end result is a very unique, chic upgrade – well worth it!


  1. Arpita

    hi, i really like this look and would like to do it. how much of wallpaper did it take you to cover one cabinet? and where did you buy it from?

    • Isabelle

      I got the wallpaper from a friend (she had some left over from a home renovation and I don’t know where she got it from) and I’m afraid I don’t remember how much I used for the project. I would suggest you do a rough estimate based on the surface area and then add a good 20% to that to cover any mishaps along the way. Hope this helps!


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