Easy extra electrical outlets

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Wish you had more electrical outlets near your desk? Try these lampholder/electrical outlet adapters that go into lamp sockets. They’re perfect for plugging in extra things like your glue gun. If you want the outlets to work with the lamp off, get the kind with a pull chain…not bad for under $5!


  1. Hi, i love your videos on lighting fixtures esp. Drum shades from ordinary or easy to find materials but my design concept is more on modern and contemporary style. Can you please tell me what ordinary materials i can use to make lampshades that are stainless or chrome, thats the kind of materials i really like but i dont wanna spend too much in buying materials. I was thinking of using any stainless or chrome plates and others…can you please help me with this? Thanks

  2. Hello Isabelle, thank you sooooo much for this super duper uber easy DIY fixit idea!! It is such a simple workaround solution, I cannot believe I NEVER thought about it before! Now it don’t feel so brainy… :-/
    Keep up the awesome work! I discovered your website & DIY videos quite by happenstance last spring and have been addicted to your numerous posting (subscribed to your YouTube channel, liked you on FB, and following you on Pinterest!…)
    All the best in 2015! May you achieve all you set out to accomplish!

    • Thank you so much Lynne, I’m so glad to hear my projects and idea are helpful! All the best to you and your family for 2015!!

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