Easy stool to side table transformation

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Sometimes you only have room for a tiny side table or corner table: a stool can be the perfect solution and also give you additional storage space for some small items with this easy modification.

I simply added some shelves that I made from cardboard (from boxes in the recycling bin) that I covered up with some leftover SOLVEIG curtain panel material from IKEA. You could also use contact paper, fabric, wallpaper, whatever you have on hand, to cover up the cardboard. As for the shelf, foam board or 1/8″ thick hardwood panel would also work if you have that on hand. I just wedged the shelves in place but if your shelves are too loose, you can glue them in place with something like “Liquid Nails” or use 3M command strips  for something less permanent. I now have the perfectly sized side table and a place for my sewing supplies stored in old cigar boxes. I love DIY transformations like this that I can do with stuff I have around the house!


  1. Paula

    My daughter is using a ‘saddle seat’ wooden stool as a side table, but I never thought to make shelves for it! I guess I could do the same thing to level the top? Or would I need something more sturdy for the lamp and iPad stand she has on it? Love your DIY projects and the tutorials are soooo informative rather than broad in describing how to do things! Thank you for your hard work!

    • Isabelle

      Thanks so much for your kinds words Paula! I’m so glad you like my work! For the top, you may want to add sides to the shelf so it stays in place, if that makes sense? Would love to see pics of your “saddle seat” transformation!


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