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When you don’t have a lot of space, finding somewhere to put a Christmas tree can be challenging. I’ve tried a lot of different alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree, and for the past couple of years, I’ve been using an IKEA wall hanging that has a Christmas tree painted on it, which I modified and added lights to. It’s worked great but this year, I wanted to have a more realistic looking tree, but still wall mounted to free up floor space. After racking my brains to figure out how to do it, it turns out it was super easy to do!


All I needed to make this beautiful Christmas tree were Glue Dots Flexible Hang Tabs and 3 9 ft long holiday garlands! The Hang Tabs have an adhesive that is strong yet won’t leave any residue on the wall when you’re ready to remove it. This makes it perfect for renters and for a temporary decor project like. They couldn’t have been easier to use to build this Christmas tree.


You can watch this video to see how I made it or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Mark the outline of the Christmas tree on the wall

I used painter’s tape to mark the outline of the Christmas tree and I made my tree 3.5 ft tall and 3 ft wide at the base.


Step 2: Hang the garland on the wall

I used a Flexible Hang Tab to start hanging the garland slide the end of the garland through the perforated holes of the tab, remove the backing and then stick the tab to the wall, at the top of the triangle.


Step 3: Repeat the process with the other garlands.

First, I went around the outline of the triangle and then I filled in the middle of the tree, fluffing up the garland to fill in any of the blank spaces.




You can hardly see the green tape so you can leave it in, or remove it like I did.

Step 4: Decorate your Christmas tree on the wall!

This is the fun part and you add lights and ornaments exactly as you would any regular Christmas tree.


Step 5: Add a base to your Christmas tree

This is optional but the dress up the bottom of the tree, I made a simple base out of shimms. It’s great for putting presents and more decorations and I also added a “tree trunk” that I made with a scrap piece of 2″x3″ that I stained a dark brown.


I love the way this turned out! If you want to give this project a try, you’re in luck because the folks at Glue Dots are giving away 3 Hang Tag Christmas Tree Kits to make at home! Each kit will include garland, lights, Glue Dots Flexible Hang Tabs and painter’s tape so ornaments are the only thing you will need to complete the tree.

The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only and all you have to do for a chance to win is to fill in the information below before December 11th, 2016. Good luck and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Also, if you want to get more ideas for space saving Christmas trees, you can check out my top top favorites in this post.

Update:  This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be contacted and notified by email shortly.

** This post was sponsored by Glue Dots – all thoughts and opinions are my own **

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  1. I love it! I Would make this idea! How many garlands you use it? Thanks for sharing!

    • I used 3 garlands, each one is 9ft long. You’re welcome!

  2. Your idea is so Lovely & so Practical! Will be using this wonderful idea from now own.
    Wishing you & everyone beautiful holidays.

    • Thank you!Happy Holidays to you as well!

  3. Brilliant!! This is the most creative way to have a beautiful Christmas tree even when ones floor space is limited. It looks absolutely awesome!!

    • Thanks Sandy! Happy Holidays!

  4. I have been watching Hometalk for the last six weeks and have seen several trees made with pallets, etc. By far the is the BEST one I have ever seen.
    Even though I live in a house, I have two 18 mo old cats that are into everything! I think this might be a solution for my tree this year. Last year was a tad stressful with kittens wanting to climb the tree!
    Thanks for this DIY. Absolutely the best!

    • Thanks so much Donna! I have a cat too, and this is a great way to have a Christmas tree and not worry about the whole thing coming down! Happy Holidays!

  5. this is a superb idea. I think I can do this!

    • Thanks Susan! Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you Trish, Happy Holidays!

  6. BEST EVER CHRISTMAS idea I have ever seen and will totally use!! BEST, BEST BEST idea ever!! It’ s one of those, ‘wish I had thought of this’ moments.

    • Thank you! Glad you like it : ) Happy Holidays!

  7. Signed up for free giveaway. My sister is in a nursing home and this would be a great idea but every time I hit submit nothing happened. I hope it worked!

    • I’ll make sure you’re entered Linda! Hope you win so you can bring some Holiday cheer to your sister. Happy Holidays!


    • Thanks Carol, Good luck and Happy Holidays!

  9. You are brilliant. Your ideas are simply spectacular, incredibly creative and talented.
    I always look forward to seeing what you have created…probably your kitty was saying the same “now what?”.
    Merry Christmas

    • Thanks Jan! Yep, my cat often gives me that look lol. Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

  10. I think this is an awesome idea for my office. I’ve seen that I need three 9 ft garlands. How many packages of the hangtags will I need? Thanks!


    • Hi Stephanie, I would recommend 2 packages of hang tabs – you might not need all of the second package but the flex tabs are handy to have on hand! Happy Holidays!

  11. Hi Isabelle, Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Love all your decorating ideas. I’m still hoping for you to get your own tv show!

  12. I loved your wall mounted hanging xmas tree. I live in South Africa and would love to purchase the necessary. Could you please give me the website or email address so that I may order the kit if the company is happy to send to South Africa. The size you made is suitable – how many garlands would I need?
    Much appreciation

    • Thanks Patsy! I used 3 garlands to make the tree and unfortunately, I don’t think the company is selling the kits. You can find kits online that give a similar look if you want to get something ready made. All the best, Isabelle

  13. Hi, I just tried to make this and had a very bad expierence doing this. The glue dots weren’t sticky enough. I tried different tapes and no luck the garland kept falling and what a mess it was!! would not recommend this at all!!

    • Hi Anna, So sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve put up this Christmas tree using the glue dots flex tabs 2 years in a row and it stayed up for several weeks each time so I’m not sure what happened with yours!

    • I had the same experience as Anna. It just would not work! Had to order tabs on-line as I could not find in any store…waited a week to receive. Garland just would not stay up on wall.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that Linda – not sure why it’s not working for you!? I just put mine up again this year (see pic) and it’s holding up just fine… Maybe it’s the type of paint on your walls? I have a mat finish on my wall where I put up the tree.

      • Here’s the pic of my tree I just put up

  14. Hi Isabelle
    I soooooo want to do this. I’m just a bit concerned about the flex tabs. Are they really sturdy enough to hold on the wall with lights and ornaments for the entire holiday season? Does the weight of the garland matter, or can I use any packaged garland from Michaels? Also, my wall tree would be twice the size of yours, probably 6×6 so I ordered 3 pkgs of the flex tabs. Think that will be enough??? I’m so excited about to try this but a little apprehensive too….LOL

    • Hi Patrice,
      I’ve done this Christmas tree 2 years in a row and both times the tabs held up for several weeks (I think I left the tree up 2 months each year). I’m not familiar with the garland from Micheals but I would use the lightest you can find. I believe I used 2 sets of lights and that was fine but the more you add on in terms of weight, the more tabs you will need. The ornaments I used were very light so they didn’t add much weight at all. Hope this helps!

  15. This is just what I need. I have a new very energetic puppy, who I think will destroy my tree this year. On the wall, is brillant can’t wait. I get to have a tree this year. Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s great to hear! I have a similar issue with my cat loving to play with ornaments and this is the perfect solution 🙂

  16. I’m so excited to do this. I purchased the garland today at Walmart. Their’s is 12 feet. I bought two, maybe I can get two trees out of it. They had garland that already had lights on it, but I have so many lights that I didn’t spend the extra money. My only problem was finding glue dots. Of course they didn’t have what I wanted and everything I found was permanent. I asked for help and the gal found some sticky gummy type adhesive. It is used to hang posters and things like that. I’m going to give it a try though. I’m sure I’ll have to use a lot, but I’m too excited to do this to order the glue dots. Wish me luck!!!

    • Excited for you, hope it works out for you!

  17. This is perfect for my small space! I was almost thinking of not putting up a tree this year, lugging everything up from the basement to my 2-room attic ‘apartment’ in my daughter’s cape code home…but I love all my ornaments, mostly Raggedy Anns. Thanks Isabel!!


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