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I’ve been working from home for a few years now and one of the things I love to use to brainstorm ideas is a whiteboard. When I lived in my NYC studio apartment, I used a removable Whiteboard Sticker .


I liked that the sticker was flush to the wall and that I could easily hide it with a picture frame – this was important to me because my office was in the main living area and I didn’t like looking at all my work stuff when I wasn’t working! It worked well enough at first but because it picked up the texture of the wall, over time it became difficult to get it clean. I was also disappointed that I couldn’t reuse it again when I moved – after removing it from the wall when I made the move to LA, the back wasn’t sticky anymore so I had to throw it out.


I always meant to buy a new whiteboard when I set up my home office in LA but just never got around to it. So when the folks at Bootstrap Boards offered to send me one of their whiteboards to try, I was excited to test it out! They come in large frameless boards of 8ft x 4ft and in smaller mini boards that are 18″ x 24″. Since I don’t have a big office, I went with the mini whiteboard.


Each whiteboard comes with everything you need to install it and to use it. The boards come with double sided stickers pre-installed on the back so it’s easy to hang them without any tools. There’s also an option to use eye screws and since I’m a renter and didn’t want to risk damaging my walls with the stickers, that’s what I used – there’s no need for any tools to put them in and then it’s just a matter of hanging the board like a picture frame.


I like that it doesn’t have a frame – it blends in more seamlessly with the wall and it also makes it possible to put 2 boards next to each other to create a work larger surface. It’s also magnetic so they can double as a pin board and both the wipe and the whiteboard pen have magnets so they can be stored right on the board which is very convenient.


I’m really happy with this new addition to my home office, it fits right in and the smooth surface is way nicer to work with than than the wall sticker I had before. If you’re interested in giving these whiteboards a try, you can buy them on Amazon and I’m happy to say that that folks at Bootstrap Boards are offering a 10% discount to my followers with this exclusive coupon code – YOURSPA18


Let me know if you end up trying them out and what you think!

*** This post was sponsored by Bootstrap Boards –  all thoughts and opinions are my own ***


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