How to decorate an entryway

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In this episode, see how to decorate an entryway with bold horizontal stripes on the front door, but without painting them on! Clever alternatives to painting stripes on, like using magnetic sheeting, makes the stripes easy to put on and take off.  You can also use ready made wall decal stripes – there’s lots of color choices!

With both of these options, there’s no need to repaint when you move out or if you’re ready for a change. Perfect for renters or people that don’t like committing to a design – you’ll add color and personality to your space and make a bold first impression!

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  1. hi

    could you help me please i want to decor entryway but i need your advice

  2. Hi Isabelle!

    Thank you so much for including “Help Organizing a Narrow Entry” on your resources. It’s a treat!
    I’ll love to have you over at A Personal Organizer sharing your amazing decorating tips.
    Thanks again and have an awesome day!


    • Thanks Helena, Sure, let’s talk! Isabelle

  3. Thanks for sharing this awesome DIY entryway decoration, Isabelle! I don’t have a metal door and didn’t want to deal with messy paint and materials, so I found another way to go about this! This will be helpful to people like me who don’t have the patience or ability to paint nicely :). I found an online store that sells a cool product called magnetic receptive material that has adhesive on one side, which allowed me to stick it to my door, and a magnetically receptive material on the back. Think of it like sticking a refrigerator surface to your door. I cut these rolls into the sizes that I needed and went from there. Here’s a link to the store if you’re interested:

    Just something to consider if you don’t want to paint your door!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Janelle! Love it!

  4. I have just rented a studio apartment and I am in need of your help

    • Hi Danita, do you have a specific question? I’ll try my best to help. Thanks!

  5. Hi, my door has raised panels and it is not flat like yours… it is magnetic though… Any suggestions for decorating it?

    • Hi Paula, You could decorate the raised panel surface with wall decals or use the same method I did with the magnetic panels.

  6. You are amazing! I’m addicted to your channel! Please keep filming!!!

    • Thanks so much Victoria!! I’m planning on it 🙂

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