How to replace vertical blinds with curtains – easy hack!

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It can be frustrating when a product fails but it can also be an opportunity! When this curtain rod bracket failed, it inspired me to come up with a very inexpensive DIY solutions that makes it possible to replace vertical blinds with curtains, without making any holes in the wall. That in turn led me to give that corner of my apartment a mini-makeover to add more storage for office supplies. It includes a very cute way to label file storage that I made with my Cricut maker machine and another “free” storage solution everyone can make at home. All in all, this “failure’ proved to be a very good thing after all!

Here are the products and projects I mention in the video:

Cricut Maker machine

Easy Press


Infusible ink black

You can watch the entire entryway makeover here.

Other options to replace vertical blinds with curtains that I’ve used and work really well:

nono brackets

Drapery Pins

You can see how I used these in this video



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