Making a tripod lamp cord disappear

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I recently bought a tripod lamp to brighten up a dark corner of my apartment. I got it on Amazon and of course, everything about this lamp needed to be assembled, including the shade.

After putting everything together, I like the lamp overall, though the lamp shade had some things about it that I didn’t like: the seam is very thick, the edges were a bit uneven, plus I ended up making dents when I was handling it to build it. Despite all of that, I do like the lamp overall so I decided to keep it. However, there is one thing I definitely don’t like about these tripod style lamps: the cord hanging in the middle of the base! 

To hide it, I used this reusable removable double-sided tape called nano tape or alien tape. 

I simply put a few strips of the tape on the side of the leg and then stuck the cord to it. 

It’s a small thing but making that cord disappear is really satisfying.

I’m so happy I finally took the time to give some love to this neglected corner of my apartment. Now I get to enjoy a much nicer view from every angle. You can see the whole process of the transformation, including how I put together the lamp, in the video below.


  1. Going to do this, thank you.

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