Product Review: WORX Hydroshot Power Cleaner

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When I was first approached to try out the WORX Hydroshot Power Cleaner, I wasn’t sure I could use it because I live in an apartment and don’t have access to a garden hose faucet. But when I realized that all I needed was a bucket of water to make it work (or any other water source), I was excited to try it out.


Everything on my balcony gets very dusty, very fast, so I had the perfect testing ground to see how well the Hydroshot Power cleaner works. Setting it up was very easy – I filled a bucket with water, placed the filtered end of the hose in the water and then snapped the other end of the hose onto the power cleaner.


I cleaned the floors first and I was very impressed with how well it removed the dust that had been collecting for a while. I had read some negative reviews online saying that the water pressure wasn’t high enough. There’s actually 2 water pressure setting that can be selected by pressing a button – I used the high pressure setting which is 320 psi and I can say that the pressure was more than enough to remove the type of dirt I had on my balcony. The lower pressure setting is meant more for watering plants.


It was very satisfying to see all the grime come off the balcony ledge and my white furniture.


I also used it to clean my patio door window and screen – so much fun! Loved seeing all that dirt come off!



There’s many accessories that come with the Hydroshot to make washing different things easier, and there’s also a squeegee adapter which is perfect to wipe everything dry, including the windows. I don’t think my windows have ever been this clean since I’ve moved here, despite me trying to wash them many times before.


The Hydroshot is very light so it was easy for me to handle and wash every part of my balcony, including the lattice panels – I hadn’t been able to clean those easily before but now I will actually enjoy cleaning them!


I had so much fun using the power cleaner – it’s truly perfect for those of us that live in apartments. It’s compact to store and even if you don’t have a balcony, you can use it anywhere, even to wash your car. All you need is a bucket of water!  Hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I do!

*** this post is sponsored by WORX but all thoughts and opinions are my own ***


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