Short on storage space? Go vertical!

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If you’re short on storage space, consider using the space above your kitchen cabinets to store rarely used items. Recycling paper boxes by “prettying” them up with contact paper or fabric is an inexpensive way to do this – it will keep visual clutter to a minimum and your items will stay dust free.

You can also make the most of that awkward space above the fridge by using white plastic drawers to store more knickknacks.


  1. Welcome to LA!! i live here and as you know by now, LA has similar challenges with small rental units. ( If you can find one, that is!!) I’, in just over 500 square feet and love your space saving storage and decor!

    • Thanks so much Patty! I’ve been loving it LA and I agree, LA apartments have their own challenges as well. Happy to hear my ideas are helpful :)

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