Shot glass turned DIY reed diffuser

Decor, DIY

Having a fresh and clean smelling home goes a long way to making it feel inviting and welcoming. If you have some unused pretty shot glasses, why not give them a new life by converting them into an inexpensive DIY reed diffuser? This is what you’ll need for this simple project:

  1. Shot glass with a narrow opening
  2. Bamboo BBQ skewers
  3. A foam sheet
  4. Scented oil
  5. Heavy-duty scissors

Cut the skewers to the desired length with heavy-duty scissors and cut out a circle from the foam sheet – it should fit snugly inside the opening of the shot glass. With the pointy ends, pierce the BBQ skewers through the foam circle, add the scented oil in the glass, then place the foam circle with the skewers into the shot glass. It will take some time for the skewers to absorb the oil but you and your guests will be enjoying a fresh and clean smelling home in no time. If you’re interested in making your own scented oil, take a look at this Curbly tutorial.


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