Tension rods to the rescue

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When I moved into my small studio apartment, I asked the landlord to take out the closet door so I could place my bed next to it and not have to worry about the door clearance – not wanting to look at my stuff in the closet, a tension rod and a curtain was the perfect solution to close off the closet while still providing easy access.

(Meet my cat Lia – she decided she absolutely had to be in the picture – she loves posing!)

That’s a pretty conventional use of a tension rod, to put up a curtain. Well,  after spending some quality time on Pinterest, I have now discovered a whole new world of possibilities: turns out that tension rods are workhorses for better organization, from shoe storage to kitchen cupboards to organizing your cleaning supplies under your bathroom cabinet.

If you want to see more ways to put tension rods to good use, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to them .


  1. Hi Isabelle,
    Could you please provide a video on how to put tension rods.


    • Hi Divya, There are different types of tension rods out there. You can get the kind that you simply twist to tighten but the one I used is the type with a spring and a screw in the back: you essentially lengthen the rod so that it’s slightly wider/longer than the opening it will go in (the longer it is, the more tension it will have when it’s installed), then you tighten the screw in the back to keep the rod in place at that length. The spring allows you to then shorten the rod to fit in the opening (you will feel some tension) and it will “spring” back with tension, which is what holds the rod in place. Hope this makes sense but I’ll try to make a video soon! Isabelle

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