What’s standing in the way of having a home you love right now?

Not enough time?

Not sure how long you’ll stay?

Waiting until you buy a home or move into a nicer place?

I know the feeling and I was right there with you when I moved into my NYC cookie-cutter 450 ft2 rented studio apartment 10 years ago.

I had a deep desire to have a beautiful and functional home, yet I had a shoe-string budget, very basic DIY skills and tools, and limited physical strength. I was tired of wishing I had a home I loved and decided to do something about it.

And since I had a feeling I wasn’t alone in my current situation, I also made the fateful decision to film my projects and share them on YouTube. And so was born Engineer Your Space.

I tapped into my problem-solving skills honed as a building engineer – this is me with a team building a bridge out of popsicle sticks, white glue and dental floss for a bridge building competition.

​With every new DIY project came learning new skills, and techniques, all of which I could use within the confines of my tiny living space. As my home was being transformed, it motivated me to keep pushing myself, to keep learning so I could make my increasingly ambitious ideas come to life. I have learned so much since I first pressed “publish” on those first 4 videos, and I’m beyond grateful for all the lessons learned and how much I’ve grown in my abilities as both a designer and DIYer. 

When I first started, I never dreamed I would be building a Murphy bed from scratch, all without a proper workshop.

​I’m also amazed at the number of people I’ve been able to reach with my ideas. The more people started watching and sharing their own “EYS” inspired projects,  the more I realized my true calling: empowering others to pick up some tools and create a home they love, no matter their current abilities, or how limited their resources might be. While my videos are project focused and include detailed step-by-step instructions specific to those projects, I’ve always had a desire to take a step back and teach my unique MacGyver meets Martha Stewart approach to designing spaces and DIY’ing, based on my experience living in small rental apartments, with limited space, tools and budget.

I’m not sure if turning 50 had something to do with it, or the fact that this year will mark the 10 year anniversary of Engineer Your Space, but it’s finally the right time to turn this desire into concrete action – I’m writing a book!

My intent with this book is to teach you how to come up with your own designs, how to adapt designs to work with the resources you have, and how to problem solve. This is quite a daunting undertaking, but I’m also very excited to see this project come to life.

It will take some time for this book to be completed while I continue to produce videos, so for those of you that want to cheer me on and support me in this endeavor, I decided to share the book writing process here on Patreon. By becoming part of the EYS Patreon family, you’ll get exclusive access to what I’m including in the book, from stories to pictures I haven’t shared anywhere else. And above all, you’ll have my everlasting gratitude for supporting me in completing this once in a lifetime project.

Thank you for continuing to be part of this journey with me and let’s Engineer Your Space together!

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