Engineer Your Space was born out of a frustration: When I moved into my 450 ft2 studio apartment, I had a deep desire to have a beautiful and functional home, yet I had a shoe-string budget, very basic DIY skills and tools, and limited physical strength. I was tired of wishing I had a home I loved and decided to do something about it.

I started designing and making my own DIY projects, all with an eye for functionality, efficient use of space and an elegant style. I love to come up with creative ways of using traditional materials in unconventional ways and use unconventional materials as well. All with basic tools and no workshop. So much so that I’ve been dubbed MacGyver and Martha Stewarts love child.

I’ve been DIY’ing for over 10 years now and sharing my projects on YouTube. My confidence and skills have grown with each new project, so much so that I was even able to built a Murphy bed. I want to empower others to do the same, especially those living in apartments that might not think they can DIY anything. This is why I’m writing a book. It is the perfect format to teach people how to come up with their own designs, how to adapt designs to work with the available resources, and how to problem solve. It will cover all the basic tools and building techniques that are the foundation for all the projects that I do. It is for the true DIY beginner that wants to learn how to “engineer” for their space.

Writing this book will take some time, so I’m sharing the book writing process via book excerpts on Patreon. You can learn and I write the content, instead of waiting for the book to be published! If you want to come along for the journey, click on the button below to find out how to join my Patreon family.