Small kitchen ideas: 11 DIY renter-friendly ideas


This is the story of an epic kitchen makeover that took months to finish.

The kitchen in question is a tiny 5 ft x 5 ft room in my friend Alex’s studio apartment. Not much personality and no stove, oven or dishwasher. It’s also a rental apartment, so no painting walls, or making any holes in the walls either. The perfect Engineer Your Space challenge – the more constraints I have, the more creative I get, and this makeover was no exception.

You might think it’s a bit extreme to do all of this work for a rental apartment – 11 DIY projects in total, including a renter-friendly way to cover floors, all of which took weeks to finish working weekends and evenings. However, my hope is that by pushing the envelope and showing you what’s possible, I can inspire you to engineer your space, and give you the motivation you need to finally tackle that thing you’ve hated about your kitchen since the day you moved into your apartment. 

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  1. Best makeover yet! I really enjoy your work….

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

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