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I often get asked what are my “must-have” tools, and looking back at some of the projects that I did and a few house calls I made recently to help out friends with some odd jobs, I found that I can get just about any job done with these 5 tools: 1. My multi-tool: If I could only have one tool, say on a deserted island, this would be it. In a pinch, it can act as a screwdriver, it can saw, it can transform into pliers, a can opener, a wire cutter, and the list goes on. Besides my drill, it is by far the tool I use most around the house. They come in many different sizes and combination of tools and they make a great gift too if you’re stumped on what to give someone – I’m pretty confident it won’t go unused!

They come in many different sizes and combination of tools and they make a great gift too if you’re stumped on what to give someone – I’m pretty confident it won’t go unused! 2. My cordless drill and drill bits: My brother gave me this drill set for my birthday last year and I absolutely feel in love with it. I love the compact and light design, which makes it very easy to handle, the spare battery is very handy to have on hand while working on a project, and having the storage bag is perfect to take my drill on my house calls!

A must have with any drill is a complete set of drill bits, including a screw driving and fastening bits.  I’ve also found lots of uses for spade bits and the hole saw bits.

3. Mitre box and saw: I usually like to have my lumber cut at the hardware store but for those times when I need to cut something at home, I turn to my trusty mitre box and saw – it guides your saw so you can easily make 90 and 45 degree cuts. Not bad for something that costs less than $15!

4. Clamps: I love clamps and I admit, I have a growing collection of them but if I could only have a two different types, it would be these: a) Corner clamps: I use them to build anything that needs perfect 90 degree corners


b) Quick-change quick-grip clamps – they are by far the easiest to use and the padding protects the surface of whatever it is you’re clamping.

5. Hands-free laser level: This by far is my best friend when it comes to hanging anything on a wall, especially if I’m working alone. It will stick to walls, even ceilings, on it’s own, leaving my hands free to work. Love it!

You really don’t need a workshop full of fancy power tools to get jobs done around your home, or to create and build amazing DIY creations. 


  1. Nesty

    Hi Isabelle, I really missed your videos. Anyway, I don’t have any power tools yet but planning to invest on buying this DEWALT DCK211S2 . I have a question though, are all these bits you’ve shown here fits in the this drill?

    • Isabelle

      I’ve used drill bits (including spade bits and hole saws) from different companies with my Dewalt drill without any issues. The Dewalt drill has a 3/8″ chuck which is fairly standard – the chuck is what holds the drill bits in place and The 3/8″ measurement indicates the shaft diameter of the bits and accessories that will work with the chuck.

  2. Brandy Johnson

    Excellent, easy to understand information! Thank You. GOD bless.


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