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My home office is set up in a very dark corner of my apartment living room so to brighten it up, I went looking for a mirror to hang on the back wall to reflect some light. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and it turns out IKEA had exactly what I needed: the KOLJA  mirror. It was the prefect size (24″ x 24″) and the price was right at only $10 but it was so plain, it was calling for an upgrade:

 All it took was 30 mins, some square rhinestones ($2 on sale at Joann’s), and Glue Dots Repositionable Dispenser to give it some extra sparkle and style:

Step 1: Place some tape along on side of the mirror and mark the spacing for the rhinestones. I spaced mine 2″ apart, starting 1 3/4″ from the ends which meant I needed 11 rhinestones per side – one package (52 rhinestones per package) was enough for this project.

Step 2: Add a dot to the back of each rhinestone using the Repositionable Dispenser – it’s a lot less messier than using glue and it’s easy to reposition if necessary.

Step 3:  Line up the rhinestones with the marks on the tape, and press firmly into place. After one side is done, remove the tape and repeat for the other 3 sides.

Step 4: Hang your mirror with the clips as per the IKEA instructions (the rhinestones won’t interfere with the clips).

It was such a simple inexpensive upgrade to do and I love the new look it gave the mirror – lots more sparkle and personality than before!

** This post was sponsored by Glue Dots – all opinions are my own. **

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  1. That’s a really nifty idea to spruce up a rental mirror.

  2. As usual Isabelle, your idea rocks!

  3. wow I love your work so much!!! You are my idol!

  4. Oh my stars Isabelle, what a stunning upgrade! And I had no idea there were repositionable glue dots! Brilliant and SO many possibilities. 🙂 Thank you for another great tutorial! 🙂

    • Thank you Christina!! I love Glue Dots, especially the repositioanable ones – mess-free gluing!

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