Renter-friendly Products to Personalize Your Space

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Being a renter, I understand the challenges of making an apartment feel like home while dealing with all the restrictions and limitations many landlords impose. These are my favorite renter-friendly products that I’ve come to rely on over the years to make my apartments feel like home.

Wall Decor

Double-sided Removable Tape


 I’ve used this double-sided tape for anything from hanging art on walls, to molding on doors, to holding up supports to make extra shelves in my kitchen cabinets and closets. It’s very strong (will hold up to 2 lbs) and the best part is that it’s removable and won’t leave any residue on the wall. I always make sure I have a roll in my tool kit and in my “everything” drawer. 



3M Command Strips:


These 3M Command strips have been my best friend for many years. They are surprisingly strong and I’ve used them to secure a variety of items to walls but they are perfect for picture frames but also for items that are bigger. As long as the items are resting on the floor, they can stay secured to the wall, like I did here with a wall panel I made with a rug, and this coat rack. 




Window treatments

Nono Brackets:


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I dislike vertical blind and how I’m always looking for ways to get rid of them or camouflage them. These nono brackets slide onto the existing vertical blind track, and allow you to hang a curtain rod and curtains, all without drilling any holes in the wall! You can see how I use them in this bedroom makeover.




LED lightbulbs:


The first thing I do when moving into a new apartment is to switch out all the incandescent light bulbs for LED light bulbs. They last longer and consume less energy so you save money in the long run. I like to buy dimmable ones because they can be used with any type of light switch. I’ve also recently started using smart LED bulbs you can control with your smart phone but they also work with Alexa or Google Assistant. 




Wall mounted switch and plug-in receiver :


My life changed for the better when I discovered wall mounted switches and plug-in receivers and I’ve used these in just about every home I’ve lived in since! They give you the ability to add a light switch anywhere to control plug-in lamps. You simply plug the receiver into an outlet and then plug your lamp into the receiver. Then you place the light switch anywhere you want in the room. 




Easy Plug-in Dimmer Switch:

Leviton TBL03-10W Tabletop Slide Control Lamp Dimmer, 300-Watt, White


Having light switches with dimmers makes it easy to change the mood of a space – it’s fairly easy to switch out regular switches to dimmable ones, but an quick alternative is to use plug-in dimmer switches instead. You simply plug the lamp into the switch, plug the switch into an outlet and you’re done! Just be sure you select the right one depending on wether you have incandescent or LED lightbulbs. 





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