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I’ve always liked the idea of a wall mounted Christmas tree, especially when you live in a small apartment where floor space is at a premium, but most of the ones I’ve seen don’t look like real Christmas trees, which is what I like. So I came up with this idea to use pine garland to make a real looking wall mounted Christmas tree! It’s so easy to put up and there’s no chance that my cat will topple it over, win-win.

I used Glue Dots flexible hang tabs to put it up which have a temporary adhesive so the tabes remove cleanly when you remove them.

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If you prefer reading and seeing pictures, I’ve added the entire episode transcript below (with some modifications for clarity) along with some images to highlight the main steps.

I love traditional Christmas trees but they tend to take up a lot of room. So I wanted an inexpensive alternative that wouldn’t take up a lot of floor space. And that would also be easy to store in the off season. Now that’s when I came up with the idea of making a wall mounted Christmas tree using only pine garland and glue dots flexible hang tabs

Map the outline of Christmas tree on wall

The first thing I did was to map out the outline of my tree on the wall using tape. Now mine is three feet wide by three and a half feet tall. 

Fill in outline of Christmas tree on wall with garlands

To fill in the outline, I use three nine foot long pine garlands, and to start I slid the end of one of the garlands through the perforated holes of a hang tab. I removed the backing and pressed the sticky part of the tab onto the wall starting at the top of the triangle. 

The hang tabs are great for hanging lightweight items like the garland and they bond instantly to just about any surface, either indoors or outdoors. So you can even do this project outside if you want. To join the garlands I loop the wired ends and press them together and then I just continued to secure the garland to the wall with the hang tabs, fluffing it up along the way to fill in any gaps. The hang tabs are clear so they’re really discreet and barely noticeable. 

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A close up of a tree
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Decorate Christmas tree on wall with lights and ornaments

The only thing still visible is the tape which is really easy to remove. Then all that’s left is decorating the tree with lights and ornaments just like you would a regular Christmas tree. 

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I also built a simple rustic stand with wood shims to fill in the space below the tree. And then I added a fake tree trunk made from a scrap piece of two by three to complete the look.

Enjoy beautiful wall mounted Christmas tree!

It’s really unbelievable how beautiful the tree looks no matter what time of day or night. And by using flexible hang tags for this project, there’s no holes in the wall because they remove cleanly without damaging the surface. 

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    How much garland does it take

    • Isabelle LaRue

      I used 3 garlands that are 9 ft long each.

  2. Rose Rojas

    great idea for small apts. like mine.

    • Isabelle LaRue

      It really is perfect for small spaces!

  3. Carolyn Elliott

    Do glue dots work on a wall that isn’t smooth. My walls don’t work with command hooks (which I love) because of the textured walls.

    • Isabelle LaRue

      I haven’t tried it on bumpy walls but I think it should work because the adhesive is softer.


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