Easy closet customization for renters

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Customizing a closet can be challenging when you’re a renter but here’s a quick and easy way to add extra shelving in a small closet without using any power tools or making any holes in the walls:

Step 1: Have 3/4″ MDF cut into 3 pieces at the hardware store: 2 side supports and 1 shelf.

Step 2: Attach the side supports to the wall – since I’m a renter, I didn’t want to use screws to do this, so I used  Glue Dots repositionable sheets instead. They work well to keep the supports in place and since the adhesive is removable, I’ll be able to take out the shelf and supports easily without leaving any marks on the walls when I move out.

Step 3: Place the shelf on top of the supports, and you’re done!

 This was one of the easiest projects of my closet makeover and I love how it maximizes the vertical space at the top of the closet. I think I’m going to be doing this all my closets in the future!


  1. This will also work well with my closets. We built our home but didn’t pay attention to the hardware that was to be installed. We have wire racks that I do not like. Using the Glue Dots sheets will allow me to also maximize my space quickly and easily. Thanks for sharing as always!

  2. Great idea! I’ll have to add this to my list!

  3. I am 71. Have been doing things like you all my adult life. I love your web site. No nonsense just do it. Very straightforward. I wonder if you couldn’t cut more pieces and make shelving for handbags. If the nags need separation, use shorter tension rods. If rods slip out of place, cut small squares (1×1 of the soft rippled shelf lining and attach it in place with same size of adhesive sheet on top and bottom of tension rod then place attention rod.
    I turned entry cloak closet into pantry in my snarl space and since I own, I drilled 1/4″ holes above and below and placed tension rods. Placed 2rods, one in front of other and now all my baking sheets, muffin pand and baking racks have a stand up place. I also used a corner shower shelf in the corner of my laundry closet (closet-truly) and use it for additional storage.

    • Hi Lynda, Thanks so much! It’s great to hear you’ve been DIY’ing your whole life and I love all the projects that you did and your idea to improve on my shelf project!

  4. I don’t like that I did’t spell check…forgive me.

  5. This was great to see. I did this to my locker back in high school and it worked great then. I never thought to apply the same principle to my apt closet! Wonderful! Thank you.

    • Thanks! That would be great for a locker too – wish I had thought of it back when I was in school!

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