Home Office Ideas – Part 1

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In this episode, you’ll get many home office decorating ideas, like how to customize an IKEA desk to include an extra shelf to store and charge your laptop and tablet. The shelf also serves for cable management to keep the mess of wires off the floor and out of sight. You’ll also see how to paint a rug when the one you ordered from Amazon.com turns out to be a different color than what you wanted (like happened to me!). And if you have a cat that’s destroying your furniture, you’ll also see how easy it is to turn simple desk legs into scratching posts – they won’t take up any extra floor space and they might help save your other furniture!


  1. Hi great videos and please post more regularly!! Can’t wai for them . I have a question that may be a little of the point . I’m a student in nyc at Columbia (architecture) do you think tha an iMac will work better than a MacBook Pro? Cause I’mm going to buy and I haven’t chosen yet.

    • Thanks and I’ll do my best! I’ve used a macbook for years and just recently got the iMac so I’m still getting used to it. It all depends what you will be using it for and personal preference. The Apple folks will be able to help you sort all that out.

  2. Im a renter living in a very small space with a
    housemate. You have presented some wonderful ideas that I Am eager to try. I have a very small budget and am able to only transform my space which is a small square bedroom. Thanks for the idea on the wall unit with sconces. Look forward to you maybe providing solutions for small room dwellers.

    • You’re welcome and all the best transforming your small space!

  3. Hi Isabelle, great site and channel. I stumbled across you on YouTube and wound up binge watching all of Season Two last night. I’m thinking of settling in LA and will be starting with no furniture. Its kind of daunting but watching your episodes makes me enthusiastic for the adventure.

    Two questions: First, is there more coming on the office? Second, have you thought about an overview episode, where you show the progress in your LA apartment as a whole, with some wider shots?

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more ideas.

    • Hi Larry, Moving to a new apartment sans furniture can be daunting but it’s also a fun, different process to pick items that fit the apartment vs making what you have work, which is what I’ve always done in the past. You just have to be OK with living in a sparsely decorated space for a while! To answer your questions, yes, I’ll be uploading part 2 of the office in the next few days and yes, it’s part of the plan to have an overview episode – stay tuned and thanks for watching!


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