How to organize your bedroom closet

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Frustrated with a bedroom closet that doesn’t work for you? You’re not alone, and you don’t have to live with it the way it is! In this episode, a renter’s closet gets a makeover so she can have easy access to everything and have more hanging space. Taking the sliding doors off and getting rid of the shelf above the rod opens up all sorts of possibilities, including adding a double hanging rod. You’ll see how easy it is to organize your bedroom closet to maximize the space, all on a budget.


  1. lady israel

    hi i just want to ask if u have any idea about how to organize my clothes, bags and sandals in just one cubicle coz’ as u can see i have a messy closet there as well as a small drawer and the white one in there where it have my bags. pls help me. thank u so muchhh.

    • Isabelle

      Sorry for the late reply! It’s hard to see exactly all the things you have in your wood cabinet, but here are some ideas that might help: For you sandals, like flip flops, you could use a collapsible fabric cube to help keep them together without taking too much space: (see attached pic).

      For your bags, you could add hooks to the side of your wood cabinet to hang them there to have easy access to them. Using 3M command strip hooks won’t damage the wood.

      You could also put items that you use less often, or out of season clothes in covered boxes that you could store on top of the wood cabinet (an inexpensive option is to use cardboard boxes covered with pretty contact paper or fabric like I did here:

      Hope this helps and good luck!


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