Painting MDF: Quick Tip

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I recently made a bench with MDF and when it came time to painting it, I had trouble getting a smooth finish at the ends of the MDF boards – all the paint was sinking into the MDF leaving a rough finish.

Here’s an easy fix I discovered which works like a charm: dilute some wood glue with a little bit of water and apply it with a brush on the ends. Wait for it to dry and then sand it down. Repeat a couple of times until the surface in smooth.

Your paint will glide on easily and leave a perfectly smooth finish!


  1. I love your designs Isabelle. I can look at your page for hours and watch your YouTube videos over and over. I’m going to make your lighted wall panel since I just moved into a new apartment. You are so inspiring and make it look (relatively) easy. Thanks so much for being there when I needed some decorating ideas!

    • Hi Jeanine, Thank you so much for your message! I’m so happy to hear that my ideas and projects have been helpful:) Hope you’ll share pics of your projects! Isabelle

  2. I so love your website and videos. You are very detailed, precise, economical and simple. Everything is explained well. Creativity out of the box. I recently got the idea to put shelves in my coat closet. I’ve lived in my house for 20 years and never thought of it till I watched your videos. I liked it so much that I added shelf in one my bedroom closet used for storage. I did not use the space wisely, not its more useful.

    Like Jeanine I can watch your videos all day, I go over and over in my mind. You make me feel like I can do these things and handle tools. My husband is a musician, not much carpentry skills. I feel like I have to learn as much as I can and I’m so glad I ran across your website.

    You just open my mind to possibilities out there. With a little knowledge, creativity, patience, and time I can do many and great things myself. You are outrageously awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Continue posting and inspiring me.

    Geri B

    • Wow, thank you so much Geri for your wonderful message and kind words 🙂 I’m so happy that my ideas and videos are helping you see the possibilities and that you CAN do and accomplish anything you set your mind to. Projects might not always turn out perfectly but that’s also part of the fun – there are no mistakes, just opportunities to learn and get better 🙂 Some of my best ideas came have come trying out ideas that didn’t quite pan out! All you need is a little bit of time, a few tools and the possibilities are endless. I’m s grateful that I have the opportunity to share my ideas and hearing your story is what helps keep me going – it is why I do what I do 🙂


  3. Yup, like the other folks…I am INSPIRED and at 4am, I lOVE looking at all your videos …dont stop!!! Have just bought a SMALL condo, so cant wait to try MOST of your ideas!!!

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And I’m glad I can offer some distraction at 4 am 🙂 I would love to see what you end up doing in the condo! Thanks again,

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