Plastic cup for mess-free drilling

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I’ve shown you a tip for mess-free drilling into walls using a post-it note to catch the dust in the past, but what about when you’re drilling into the ceiling? You don’t want all that dust to get on the floor or worse, in your eyes.

In my video Home Office Ideas, I shared a quick tip for drilling into ceilings: use a plastic cup to catch dust! This is really easy to do:  just cut a hole into the bottom of the cup wide enough to fit over the drill.


Slide the cup over the drill, leaving enough room for the drill bit at the top.

And the cup will catch all the dust while you drill your hole!

Mess-free drilling

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  1. You’ve done it again, Isabelle! The Christmas tree is another genius idea!
    Just wanted to mention also that I am not receiving your newsletter although I signed up and had trouble on your site having it accept the newsletter request info.

    • Thanks Andrea! I’m sorry to hear that about the newsletter – I checked and your email address is on the list. I just sent one out yesterday, did you receive it? Maybe check the spam folder?

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