DIY plastic storage bin planter

DIY, Outdoor

If you’re thinking of adding some plants and flowers to your outdoor space, consider using inexpensive plastic storage bins (opaque ones are best for this project) to make raised garden planters: drill holes and add rocks on the bottom for drainage and place on a base with wheels – this will also help with drainage and make them easy to move around. To make the bins more attractive, you can camouflage them with side panels made with pieces of a reed fence, like I did in this balcony makeover.


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    Hello there

    I’m not sure my partner and i realized completely that which you supposed with that, are you able to develop more on balcony ?

    All the best

  2. alaina

    Hi! This episdoe was exactly what I was looking to do on my balcony! So thanks 🙂 First, I assumed you filled the box with dirt, above the rocks?
    Second, the water drainage – will my downstairs neighbor’s balcony be wet as well?

    • Isabelle

      Yes, I added dirt on top of the rocks and as far as water drainage goes, I never got any complaints from my downstairs neighbor. It’s no worse than watering plants in a normal planter with drainage holes.


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