How to install a temporary tile floor

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Update: These tiles are unfortunately no longer sold but there is now an even better alternative that doesn’t require any adhesive: looselay vinyl tiles that mimic the look of wood floors. They are just as easy to cut and you can take them with you when you move out!

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  1. can we do this in a bathroom?? will it stay there ?

    • It all depends on the existing floor (it needs to be perfectly flat) and you need to make sure that the joints are very tight. I would also recommend to put some removable, temporary caulk along the edges next to the tub and along the edges of the wall to avoid water getting under the tiles. Hope this help.

  2. Very useful video. Can you please specify which tape/brand you used? Would any double sided tape be removable with no residue?

    • Great to hear! And I guarantee you, you’ll love your kitchen so much more with a “new” floor!

  3. So the price is per tile or square foot? Are the tiles sold in a pkg/box or single?

    • I believe you can order the exact number of tiles you need for your space. Since I did this project nearly 2 years ago, I would recommend visiting the Modularity Tiles website for the latest pricing per tile (the cost per square foot depends on the mix of tiles you install, solid vs round or square inserts): Thanks for watching!

  4. Great idea, can also be a quick fix

  5. Great advice, really helpful tips

  6. wow this is amazing! however, will the tape do harm if, let’s say, i wanted to temporarily cover hardwood flooring?

    • The double sided tape won’t leave a residue on hardwood – it’s amazing how easily it comes off yet holds the tile in place!

  7. Wonderful idea and great video! Question: after installation, how does one clean the floor? Can we use water? Will it not get in between the cracks?

    • Thanks! I never had issues with cleaning – I used a wet rag or a wet swiffer to wipe down the tiles and that worked fine. If installed properly, the seams are very tight.

  8. Is there anyway to get the tiles in vancouver?

    • I’m not sure if Modularity Tiles has distribution in Canada or if they ship there. Here’s their info:
      Tel (direct) 1-212-953-1116
      Tel (toll-free): 1-866-471-1022

  9. Can this be done over utility carpet in a kitchen? It is very flat and worn.

    • I’ve never done it so I can’t say for sure but I don’t think the double-sided tape that I used with the tiles would stick very well to carpet.

  10. Can I use this to cover up real tile?

    My kitchen floors have mismatching partially painted tiles and it’s so annoying. The landlord isn’t willing to replace them.

    • It could work but the tiles and the grout lines have to be flush – it won’t work very well if the floor isn’t smooth.

  11. its relay amazing and also good for make a good style floor.

  12. I want to do this with a vinyl sheet over already existing vinyl sheets in my apartments kitchen and bathroom. I was just going to tape around the edges to hold it down, do you think this would work? Also, when removing the flooring how do I make sure I do not damage the existing floor?

    • Hi Samantha, From my experience with the tiles and the double-sided tape, you need to have every tile touch the tape. Removing the tiles is really easy – pry the first tile off with a screwdriver and then all the rest comes off and there won’t be any trace on the floor. You can see how I removed mine in this video at 4:30s:

  13. I love your website doing the NYC balcony as we speak while stain is drying. I was looking at this page. My landlord has given me permission to change the kitchen. Its a small galley style. My dog chewed the vinyl on there now so seems hard to use this as a reference. How would you go about changing a kitchen floor cheap and beautiful. I really hate what he had to begin with kinda glad the dog ate it. But he wont replace it. Its up to me and I cant afford the pro’s.
    Thanks for any help. Again love love love your website!

    • Hi Melissa, Thank you so much! I guess it all depends on wether you’re planning on taking the existing floor off and what your budget per square ft is. I’ve seen a lot of creative flooring solutions on Pinterest and Apartment Therapy so that might be a good source to check some ideas of what people have done. From what I understand, the modularity tiles I used in this project are no longer available. Hope this helps some. Thanks again, Isabelle

  14. Love your website and your focus on rental studios. I’m moving into a studio and the space has parkay wood flooring – YUCK. I’m cover the living/sleeping area with sisal. But do you think parkay wood will be ruined by the tape?

    • Thank you David. From my experience with using the double sided tape, it won’t leave any residue on the parkay floor. Unfortunately, I did recently find out that the tile has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

  15. hi isabelle:)
    first of all great idea!I really loved it.
    i wanted to apply your method in my apartment’s bedroom.
    i live in tel aviv(israel)were the climate is known to be very worm and damp during the summer and I wanted to ask if there is any chance that this might influence the durability of the glue or might compromice the application of the method in any way?

    • Thanks! I don’t think the temperature/humidity should have an impact on the application or durability, but unfortunately, this product has been recently discontinued by the manufacturer. Isabelle

  16. What brand of double stick tape did you use?

    • I used the tape sold by the Modularity tile company but unfortunately, they don’t sell this product anymore.

  17. I understand that the product you used in the video is no longer available, however, would it be possible to recreate the same idea using regular lenolium tiles and double sided tape? Perhaps you could peel the sticky part off of the back of the tiles and stick them to plain paper or poster board, then tape them down? Do you think this would work?

    • Hi Desiree, I haven’t tried this with regular vinyl tiles – it could work, but you would have to use a double-sided tape that’s temporary. Otherwise it would be very difficult to remove and probably cause damage to the existing floor. Isabelle

  18. Can you show us how easy it is to remove the tiles when it’s time to move out?

  19. Since the tape is discontinued, what other tape can I use? Where can I get it?

  20. I want to update a room with carpet….it is for our dog to use and is not very visible to guests…can I use this same process over short carpet?

    • I wouldn’t recommend doing this on carpet – it would be best to use some plywood over the carpet and put tile on that.

  21. is no longer in business.

  22. I got Ace Carpet Tape (Fiberglass). Anyone know if this will 3335come up clean?

    • I’ve never used that tape before so I can’t say for sure – I would test it on a small area first to see how it works.

      • Came up a bit tacky after 12 hours. Can you tell me what you used?

  23. hi my name is shoaib I want to get same cloors vinyl tile how I can order how I will get same tile please late me know

    • Hi Shoaib, The tiles are unfortunately no longer available – the manufacturer stopped making them. I haven’t found a replacement yet but I’ll let you know if I do! Thanks for watching, Isabelle

  24. Hello Isabelle!

    Thanks for the great video! I am so upset that the tiles are no longer available as I was hoping to put a temporary black and white check floor in our garage for an art studio (I don’t like the look of the “garage tiles” b/c they have a foam feel and I’m wanting more of a vinyl feel). Do you think I could use the peel and stick tiles, but instead of uncovering the layer with adhesive, just use the double-sided tape? I’m guessing this would not work, but thought I’d ask if you had suggestions. I loved your idea so much!! Thank you!! 🙂

    • Hi Kat, I was disappointed as well when I heard that the tiles stopped being available. I haven’t tried what you’re suggesting but it might be worth it to try with a few tiles to see if it works. I’m on the lookout for a substitute product and will let you know if I find something! Isabelle

  25. Hi, I was wondering if there is any good idea about carpet on steps for the rental I’m in. I want to make it look better!

    • Hi Allie, one thing you could do is cover it up with another flat woven rug – just use double sided carpet tape to secure it to the existing rug. I covered up the carpet in my living room with one from IKEA (SINNERLIG) (you can see it in this video ) and it comes in a runner size which perhaps could work for stairs? Hope this helps, Isabelle

  26. i love this idea! I’m about to move into an apartmentwith very ugly floors and i would love to cover them up. too bad we can’t buy these tiles anymore! do you think a peel and stick vinyl flooring using your double sided tape meathod it could work?
    I’m thinking if i used the double sided tape instead of the typical method of installationthat it would leave no residue? i’m renting and would need to be able to leave the apartment with no trace of the flooring having been there.

    • Hi Emma, I know, it’s too bad they don’t make the tiles anymore. The double sided tape I used with the Modularity tiles didn’t leave any residue at all on the floor. I haven’t tried using the tape with another type of tile but my guess is that is would probably work. Might be worth testing it first with a few tiles to see what happens before committing to the entire floor. Let me know how the experiment goes if you end up trying it! Isabelle

      • Hi Isabelle, I was wondering the exact brand of tape that you used in the video. Thanks

  27. I love this idea! Can I use this for plywood floors? Do you have any suggestions on how to design plywood floor? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Ehra, Unfortunately, the tiles aren’t being sold anymore. But you could use peel and stick vinyl tiles if you own your place – I do believe they work on plywood as well.

  28. Hi,
    As I think about installing a floor they way you did in the video, I’m left wondering about how to clean it after it is installed. Is it very easy to clean a floor with open seams like this? Do you need to be incredibly conscious of moist spills in the kitchen? Is it smooth enough to sweep or swiffer? Thanks for the video and the great info.

    • Hi Emma, Sadly the tiles are no longer being sold but as far as I know, there wasn’t any issue with cleaning it.

  29. This is a great idea!! I understand that this specific flooring is no longer available but do you think using this method but with peel and stick flooring would work? I’m looking for cool ways to add personality to my college dorm next year!! Thank you so much!!

    • If you want the tiles to be on temporarily I wouldn’t stick them onto the floor directly as they will be very difficult to remove. And I haven’t tried the tape with other types of tiles so I’m not sure if that would work.

  30. Do you think you could use regular floor tile, not remove the backing to expose the adhesive and still make it work?

    • Not sure but that could work – I would test it with a few tiles and see!

  31. where can I find tiles similar to these > with plain colours

    • Unfortunately they don’t make these tiles anymore and I haven’t found anything similar.

      • Did Modularity produce the tape too or is that (or a similar) product still available? I’d really like to attempt this with regular vinyl tile.

        • from what I remember they got their tape from another manufacturer – I’ve tried to find that exact tape but haven’t been successful unfortunately

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