How to make a picture frame covered whiteboard

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Whiteboards are great for brainstorming and keeping track of projects, but incorporating one in a home office so that it blends in with the décor isn’t easy, especially if you work out of a small studio apartment. The solution? Camouflage it!  In the first part of this episode, you’ll find out about DIY whiteboard options that can easily be concealed with a picture frame. In the second half, you’ll learn how to make a simple DIY wood picture frame to cover up the whiteboard, and see how engineering prints can be a great inexpensive alternative to print large black and white photos.

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  1. Amazing! Small question: how do you hang your picture? Thank you.

    • The frame has a lip so you can simply use 2 small nails to hang it, one at each corner. The frame is very lightweight so you don’t need any special hanging hardware. Hope this helps.

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