Simple wall art: framed door knocker

Decor, DIY

I’ve always loved door knockers – they come in an infinite array of designs, as you can see in this roundup of gorgeous and unique door knockers, and they add a touch of personality and fun to a front door.

I have a beautiful door knocker that was given to me as a gift, and it’s been sitting in a box for years because like many renters and condo owners out there, rules and regulations have prevented me from installing it on my front door…. Then recently, this idea popped into my head: why not hang it on a wall instead of a door and frame it with an old vintage frame? Instant wall art!

 I love the way it turned out – it’s the perfect addition to my eclectic gallery wall of memories and now I get to enjoy looking at my door knocker, whether I can put in on my front door or not.

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  1. Great idea! Love the fact that its a kitty tail… =]

  2. There are lots of types of doors knocker are available in the market and basically door knockers are for decoration of doors and walls. Now a day’s the door knocker are in trend and most of the people like to see door knocker in their house.

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