Start to finish step-by-step tutorials: 10 IKEA Hacks to makeover your home

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Any fellow IKEA lovers out there? If I’m stuck trying to find a solution for a particular problem I’m trying to solve for a room or an apartment I’m “engineering”,  a stroll through IKEA always spark some ideas, including some creative IKEA hacks. Over the years, I’ve made my fair share of IKEA hacks and I thought it would be fun to make a video sharing my top ten favorite ones I’ve done.

Here’s a summary of each project and in the video, I share detailed how-to instructions on how you can also do these hacks:

No Sew Stripped Curtain Hack: This IKEA hack is all about adding some pizzazz to your curtains. With just some burlap panels and IKEA VIVIAN curtains, you can create a stylish, no-sew curtain by using fusible tape and an iron. It’s a great way to add texture and character to your windows. I used these curtains in a dramatic renter-friendly makeover of a dark and dingy basement space – watch the entire transformation from start to finish here.

IKEA Ivar Hack: Want to give your plain IVAR IKEA table and chairs a makeover? Stain the legs, paint the chairs, and add some comfy cushioning. It’s a simple way to add a personal touch to your dining area. This IKEA hack was just one of many DIY projects I did in my rental apartment to give my boring dining room area a more upscale and high end look, including a bench with an upholstered back creating a banquette bench, custom wall panels with DIY wall sconces, and DIY driftwood art.

IKEA Lack Ottoman Hack: If you’ve got an old LACK table lying around, you can transform it into a chic ottoman. Shorten the legs, cover it in vinyl, and add foam covered with faux fur for a plush finish. It’s an affordable way to get that high-end look. It looks great in my living room in front of a DIY faux fireplace that I also made, which you can see here.

IKEA Lamp Hack: Here, you can create a unique pendant lamp by using an ALANG lampshade and a HEMMA pendant light kit. Make your own diffuser and add a dimmer switch for extra control. It’s a fun and functional DIY project.

Dividing Wall Hack with BILLY Bookcases: Need a room divider? Combine two BILLY bookcases and give them a polished look with plywood and wallpaper. It’s a clever way to create separate spaces in a room. You can see how I used this wall to create a separate home office in my rental apartment here.

Table Leg Cat Scratcher Hack: Your furry friend will love this one. Use pipe insulation and sisal rope to jazz up your table legs (ADILS) and turn them into a cat scratcher. It’s a great way to add a scratching post without it takin it precious floor space – key when you’re living in a small apartment.

Hidden Cat Litter Box Hack: Tired of looking at your cat’s litter box or picking up on all that litter that gets tracked on the floor? Transform an IKEA SMASTAD bench into a hidden litter box area – it’s a stylish and clever solution to keep your pet’s necessities out of sight.

Picture Frame Hack with DALSKARR Frames: Turn IKEA frames into a double-sided picture frame with the help of Velcro. It’s a creative way to display your favorite photos and switch them out easily.

Easy Christmas Decoration and Cork Board Hack: Looking to simple way to add some Christmas decor to your front door? In this IKEA hack, I use IKEA HEAT trivets and some crafty materials to create a unique and decorative Christmas decoration to greet your guests at Christmas. It’s a fun and easy project that you can also use to create a cork board for a home office.

IKEA BEKVAM Kitchen Island Hack: Give your kitchen island a fresh look by replacing the top of IKEA Island and creating extra storage for spices on the side. It’s a great way to recycle and update your furniture to fit your space perfectly. This IKEA hack was only one of the projects I did to give a rental kitchen a whole new look and you can see the entire transformation here.

These IKEA hacks are all about adding your personal touch to IKEA furniture and products, making them unique and functional in your home. Plus, they’re budget-friendly DIY projects that anyone can tackle! I hope this video sparks some ideas for you to make you own IKEA hacks to “engineer your space”. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite, or if you’ve made your own version of one of these hacks.


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